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Therapeutic Services for a Healthy Mind, Strong Relationships, and Joyful Life

Psychology Session

Welcome to Muna!

Around the world and across languages, the word "muna" is used to describe new life, hope, growth, and deep connectedness. What better word to perfectly represent my philosophy, mission, and therapeutic approach? Assisting clients in cultivating healing, growth, and lasting change is my passion. I specialize in anxiety and depression, trauma recovery, perinatal mood disorders, family-related services, and clinical hypnotherapy. I am dedicated to providing clients with a strong foundation that encompasses internal strength, confidence, connectedness, and the tools for a healthy, authentic life. Check out my array of services below to get your journey of healing and discovery started! I look forward to connecting with you.   - Brandy Lockhart, MA, LPCC, CHT

Contact Me...

Muna Therapy Services, P.C.

Brandy Lockhart, MA, LPCC, CHT

3225 Templeton Gap Road, Suite 102

Colorado Springs, CO 80909

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