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Hypnotic trance is a naturally-occuring state of the mind. It's in that moment just before sleep in which you aren't quite asleep, but also aren't quite awake. It's the times when you are so engrossed in a book or movie that you are there in that world, and the room and world around you disappear. It's being deep in thought, vivid daydreaming, being "in your own world".  This is where we drop the restrictions of our conscious minds, our assumptions, insecurities, emotional baggage, and our self-imposed limitations. Where we connect with and listen to our truest selves, our deepest wisdom, our internal compass, to find the paths to healing. 

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Specific Issue & Phobias

Address issues with relationships, weight/food, substance use, phobias, self-confidence, anxiety, OCD behaviors, and much more. Hypnotherapy is an effective intervention for most issues. It can be a stand-alone intervention or a compliment to other therapies.

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Trauma/PTSD Recovery

When a trauma is "triggered" parts of the mind and body react as if the event is occurring at that moment, resulting in distressing responses. Hypnotherapy works to reorganize  painful memories/experiences and how the mind processes them so they are no longer activating the survival response system. 

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Pain, Illness, & Fertility 

The mind and body are so deeply connected that emotional pain and trauma often express themselves through physical pain, illness, and disorders. Hypnotherapy works to calm the nervous system and address the root causes of the inflamed system.

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The Art & Soul of Birth

A unique, customized program to prepare you for birth utilizing education and hypnotherapy to calm fears, cultivate confidence, and ease the mind and body. Brandy also provides postpartum support services. See the Family Services page for more offerings. 

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Shadow Work

For those who are in deep conflict with another and/or with themselves and would like to better understand their feelings, reactions, and roles to move toward resolution. Due to the nature of Shadow Work, it is only offered as a 6-session program. 

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Past Life Regression

The goal and process of hypnotherapy is to change how old wounds affect us. To see them from a wider perspective and a wiser self, taking any value, lessons, and wisdom from them, and ultimately healing them. Most often the experiences are recognizably from the current life, but the mind can also open up imagery from other times

and places to better illustrate and communicate its needs.  

Muna means "to provide oneself with" in Latin-based languages. In Tagalog, it means "for a moment; for now; before", and it means "dream, wish" in Japanese. In Icelandic, it means “to remember”, and the Maori meaning is "knowledge that is hidden". The many different definitions of Muna beautifully encompass the concept, process, and healing power of hypnotherapy.

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