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Family Services

Pregnant Photography

The Art & Soul of Birth

A unique, customized program to prepare you for birth using a mind-body approach to calming fears and easing the mind with education, guided visualization, and advanced relaxation techniques. 

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Infant Services

Brandy provides non-medical support and interventions to parents of infants, including breastfeeding support, colic support, bonding, birth and/or NICU trauma, and peaceful parenting practices.

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Postpartum Counseling

Having a baby is a major transition that is often accompanied by anxiety, depression, intense worry, intrusive thoughts, compulsive behaviors, and mood swings. Brandy provides support and guidance during this challenging time.


Fertility Counseling

Fertility challenges are one of the most difficult experiences clients face. Grief and hopelessness can become overwhelming and all-consuming. Together we can navigate these emotions and related traumas. Fertility work can be done with individual counseling, hypnotherapy, or a combination of interventions. 


Adoption Services

Brandy offers a variety of counseling and supportive services for all members of the adoption triad. Whether you're considering adoption, have been part of an adoption in the past, or are prospective parents who wish for more personal support during the birth and adoption process, Brandy can help. With 8+ years of private infant adoption and foster care experience, Brandy is highly familiar with all aspects of adoptions.

In Finnish languages, Muna means "egg or ovum". Its meaning is "mother, mama" in Swedish, "hope, wish, desire" in Swahili, and "new leaves" in Nepalese. The beginning of life is a critical time in the development of how we view the world and ourselves. Relationships are at the heart of that, therefore caring for families is a cornerstone of the work at Muna. 

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